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I'm Dr. Ed Philips and it is truly my commitment to assist people in achieving the confidence and happiness they deserve through the creation of beautiful smiles through aesthetic dentistry. Having successfully placed well over 7,000 porcelain veneers over a 29 year period I have learned that no two smiles are alike and have developed a deep passion for individualizing each of my patients' specific needs. The Studio for Aesthetic Dentistry in downtown Toronto is a place that has been created in a spa-like setting to ensure your comfort. Its unique design has only one dental chair ensuring your privacy and complete attention to your service. We have a complimentary cosmetic dentistry information centre on site that provides free information about cosmetic dentistry and what it can do for you. You do not need to leave your family dentist nor do we require your dental records. That enables Dr. Ed Philips and yourself the freedom to consider how cosmetic dentistry can help you achieve a more beautiful smile without the complexity of changing records or making difficult commitments.

Cosmetic Dentist Toronto

Toronto's first spa-concept environment. A truly unique environment dedicated to giving you the smile makeover you've always wanted in the comfort of a private studio setting. Where the services are exclusively limited to aesthetic dentistry.

Although there is no professional designation of "Cosmetic Dentist" in Ontario, Dr. Edward Philips has created this website to educate you on all aspects of Cosmetic Dentistry. This Toronto GTA Canada based site provides information on how cosmetic dentistry and an extreme smile makeover may change your life. Many people have never been to a cosmetic dental consultation and do not realize what dental services a cosmetic dentist in Toronto may provide. This cosmetic dentistry website will provide insight into some of the most popular cosmetic dentist procedures available in our Toronto Studio For Aesthetic Dentistry including: laser dental bleaching and tooth whitening solutions, porcelain veneers, crowns and bridges, invisalign tooth straightening of teeth, laser gingivectomy, full mouth restoration, gum and cosmetic recontouring and repair and periodontal plastic surgery, Cerec and Extreme Makeover Dentistry. How do you rate your dentist and the services you receive? Internet searches will often rate Dr. Philips very high as best dentist. At the Studio for Aesthetic Dentistry, you will be delighted with the results and will be excited about your new life with the perfect smile.

I invite you to browse through the various sections of the site and look forward to greeting you in person one day soon!

"According to Ed Philips, a cosmetic dentist, humans are genetically programmed to take a social cue from a smile..."

Plenty of reasons to smile

"Dr. Ed Philips, one of North America's premiere esthetic dentists and pioneer in the field of 'smile patterns'..."

The truth hurts but it beats being misled

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